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Sugar Land vs Katy


Sugar Land vs Katy

I know Sugar Land and Katy are both suburbs. Which area is more moderately priced? Also, which area has some older homes? I'd like something w/ character but it seems like most of the homes are new David Weekly Homes and the like...

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A Realtor can give you a better answer, but my statistics show Katy as being more moderate in price. Both Katy and Sugar Land have been around for some time, and you can find homes with character in either. Most older homes in Sugar Land where company homes from Imperial Sugar. In Katy, many older homes were from people associated with farming, mainly rice. Look closer to the older town centers for the older homes. Both communities are moving a lot of their activities closer to the malls (First Colony and Katy Mills), so the old city centers have the older homes.

Answered by Frank Schulte-Ladbeck on November 13, 2007: Profile | Contact | Website


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