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what is the usual commission paid to a realtor for selling a home in Houston?


what is the usual commission paid to a realtor for selling a home in Houston?

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The amount is negotiable (by law). Many companies charge 6%-7% to list your home. Others provide a discount and sometimes an 'a la carte' method.

Answered by Jill Aylwin on April 12, 2008: Profile | Contact | Website

There is no usual or standard commission that Realtors are paid. All commissions are negotiable. Most commissions are typically around 6% where the Realtors split the commission. Which would receive 3% to the Selling agent and 3% to the Listing Agent. However, there are some companies that offer discounts and rebates which change the situation.

Most of the time the agent selling the home will receive 3% of the sales price.

Answered by Byron Robinson on January 1, 2010: Profile | Contact | Website


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