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Houston Texas Real Estate Blog > 10 best neighborhoods and suburbs in Houston according to you!

10 best neighborhoods and suburbs in Houston according to you!

Contributed by HTRE Admin on October 20, 2007
We often get questions around which Houston neighborhoods or suburbs are the most popular, so we decided to use our traffic data to help answer the question. Utilizing Google Analytics, we were able to aggregate all of our web traffic since the beginning of the site to figure out which neighborhood profiles get clicked the most.

Read in depth profiles on the most popular Houston Suburbs.


says: Dude! West University should be #1 if your into shopping or going out. The Heights and Memorial are nice don't get me wrong, but my advise to anyone moving to Houston is live in the Village!!

David says: me encanta los condominios en Midtown! Mis favoritos son los condominios de Mosaic. http://www.mosaichouston.com/es/home

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